Kalender Department Mathematik

Mon, 26.06.2017, 14:15

Mon, 26.06.2017, 15:45
Unitary Highest Weight Representations of U_1(\ell^2) and First Order Cohomology
AG Lie-Gruppen

Referent: Manuel Herbst
Veranstalter: K.-H. Neeb
Raum: Übungsraum 4

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Tue, 27.06.2017, 16:30
Braids, Associators, and Quantization of Moduli Spaces

Referent: Dr. Pavol Severa, Univ. Genf
Veranstalter: Catherine Meusburger
Raum: Hörsaal H13

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Thu, 29.06.2017, 14:15
Real trees versus algebraic trees as states of stochastic processes
AG Stochastik und Dynamische Systeme

Referent: A.Winter
Veranstalter: A.Greven
Raum: H13

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Thu, 29.06.2017, 16:00

Thu, 29.06.2017, 17:00
Investigating Polyhedra by Oracles
Kolloquium Angewandte Mathematik

Referent: Dr. Matthias Walter (RWTH Aachen)
Veranstalter: Christoph Thurner
Raum: H13

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Fri, 30.06.2017, 14:30

Fri, 30.06.2017, 15:30
Parking Spaces and Catalan Combinatorics for complex reflection groups

Referent: Dr. Martina Lanini (Roma Tor Vergata)
Veranstalter: Fiebig
Raum: 04.363

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